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Top Reasons Why Customers Leave a Company according to Motivational Speakers

All entrepreneurs would agree that they won’t be in business without customers. Hence, they do everything to retain their current customers and gain more while they are in business. To avoid losing their income sources, many entrepreneurs consult motivational speakers to know why their clients leave their services and solutions to the problem.

Common reasons why customers prefer to depart from their current service providers are the following:

Competitors Got Their Attention

Customers always look for a company that gives their money’s value. However, majority of consumers prefer economical services or product rates to save money. Some lucky ones, however, leave their current service provider to move to a different company that offers cheap rates with better and more efficient services.

Companies offer their clients with various retention programs to keep them doing businesses with their companies. But fact is motivational speakers can educate companies about additional strategies for customer retention also you can get more idea from motivational-speaker-success. A usual practice is to know the competitors’ rates and product or service specifications. The company can tweak its services they offer to keep them from hemorrhaging customers.

Experiencing Low Quality Service or Products

Keynote speakerFirst-hand experience of receiving low quality services and products is the major turn off among customers. As individuals who pay for the service, they expect to receive what they’re paying for, especially for high profile clients like for those with premium account. They signed up for more costly services. Hence, they would rather go to another company to get their money’s value if they don’t get what they deserve from their current service providers.

In this case, the main solution is to enhance or improve the product and services. The question is how they can start enhancing their offers? Motivational speakers can shed light on what they’re doing right or wrong in their current services. They will know what factors to retain and to change. Additional strategies like communicating with clients about how they can improve or comparing their services with competitors’ are great tools that benefit the company.

Customer Service Perception

Several companies indeed offer outstanding services, which help them retain their customers for life. Nevertheless, some find themselves losing clients because of perception on their services. Some clients feel that they are not satisfied with the service despite its stellar profile.

Most of the time, clients have a basis why they felt dissatisfied with a product or service. Some business aspects like communication or presentation probably went wrong along the way, which results to dissatisfaction among customers.

Motivational speakers study and teach companies about why there are still dissatisfied customers even with their top caliber offers. Together with the company, these speakers or gurus will peruse over customer service documentations and standard operating procedures to pinpoint the cause of low satisfaction ratings. They’ll also take into consideration the differences between clients according to their profile to solve the issue and further enhance their services.

Leaving Without a Trace

According to studies, more than 90 percent of customers leave companies without complaints. This makes it tough for the company to pinpoint the cause. These reasons are often unknown, but an expert motivational speaker can also highlight several reasons why a client may leave. They gather data to see if the loss occurred in a certain time of the year and compare it with the market status. It’s probable that a new company offering similar services at cheaper prices emerged that caused clients to transfer service providers.

Numerous reasons can be used to prevent customers from leaving your company. Getting helpful points from motivational speakers will determine why your business is losing customers and improve your services or products for the best. Be sure to discuss your business profile and operation with an expert to retain loyal customers.

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