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You have established your business. You already have an active website, blog, and social media pages. Still, you are not meeting your target sales. You start to wonder if you are throwing away time, money, and effort on your online brand establishment campaign. If this situation sounds familiar to you, then it is time to let the experts handle these endeavour. You can turn to the professionals such as Chronis Tsempelis at Your journey towards a strongly established online presence will start for free. Just schedule your initial consultation session upon your convenience.

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You can choose which SEO aspect to focus on or you can have it all at the same time. The choice is yours just like how the beginning of your success story depends on you.

• Search Engine Success:

search engine successOne of the most basic services for websites is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This service starts from the assessment of the current state of your website in terms of design and content. You may also have this service from even if you do not have an existing website yet. You will be assisted in coming up with important details such as the most appropriate keywords for your business, the ideal content, the keyword density for your content, and more.

• Server Success:

Hosting and server management is a technical aspect of website administration. Therefore, it is best to have a professional take care of this concern. An efficient hosting and server management will ensure that your website is easily accessible, is functioning well, and that readers, who are your potential customers, will not have a hard time reaching your website as well as all its pages.

• Respectable Reputation:

Social media as a double edged sword which can either make you or break you. Just one positive experience is easily shared to the whole world. Likewise, one negative post can get your brand marked as unworthy of the people’s money. Therefore, it is very important that you handle both positive and negative posts about you professionally. This will help you establish a respectable reputation for your business. It tells people how they can rest assured that they are in good hands from even before and after their purchase.

• Contented with Content:

The content is what the potential customers read. Therefore, you need to make sure that what they read is interesting enough. Upon reading, they should realize that they really need your product or service. They should realize that life will be much better for them if they purchase you product or if they avail of your service. This is one of our specializations at We supply content guaranteed to capture the readers’ attention, hold their attention, and convert their visit to sales.

• Gold with Google Tools:

Google is perhaps the most powerful search engine. Most people use this that’s why it is important that your website ranks high on the displayed results for a specific keyword. Likewise, you can take full advantage of their tools to make website administration easier for you. This allows you to maximize the time that you spend on your online presence and sales campaigns.

• Social Media Success:

Aside from keyword enriched social media posts, we also manage social media pages and make them interactive. This is how you will know what your customer’s want, what they think about your products, services, or your website, and it is also the perfect avenue to make sure that they stay satisfied with your products or services long after they made the purchase.

• Engaging Ecommerce:

Your customers should feel that they are the center of all the activities in your website. They should feel valued, cared for, and prioritized. Their welfare should come first. Therefore, your website, and your online store if applicable, should be user-friendly. They should be able to find what they want to see easily. This is also strategic because you get to control what they read first, where to place specific contents effectively, and ensure seamless flow of their online activities.

• Amazing Affiliates:

There are many things that you need to have and goals that you need to attain before you earn the trust of potential online partners or affiliates. However, it would not be as hard when you allow experts such as to handle this concern.

Once you have established your business, you can get help in identifying your business’ needs. Then, Chronis Tempelis can make sure that you have everything you need to succeed.

Portable Storage Containers For Your Business Expansion

Do you want to add another store but can’t find the right space to rent? Why not rent one of the portable storage containers until you find a more suitable space for your store? If you don’t have a particular store design to follow, then renting a portable container should suffice. All you need to do is convert the inside of the container into a gorgeous looking store. However, you are not allowed to alter the container inside and out. What you can do is add shelves that don’t need to be mounted on the wall – everything that you want to add should not alter the container in any way. If you have decided to buy the container visit here website you get more best options, then that would be the only time that you can do anything you want with it.

Storage ContainerYou might also need to rent another container for your stocks. The portable container is durable, safe, and secure. It can efficiently protect your inventories or valuables from robbers. It is quite difficult to unlock the container without its key. A burglar who wants to open it will need to blow it up or use a blow torch – either way will definitely alert someone to call the authorities.

Your Business Expansion

If you want people to talk about your new store in a positive way, then you need to prepare promotional items and/or big discounts. You need to catch the interests of your target clients to keep them coming back. It is imperative that you have enough stocks to sell. Renting one or two portable storage containers is a wise thing to do. It is best to have lots to offer on your opening day. Your customers will definitely follow you where ever you go, especially when you finally found the right space to rent.

You can offer some refreshments, sponsor mini games, give away some pins or buttons (with your store logo), or give out discount coupons that your customers can use on their next visit.

Know the Right Container to Choose

Understand that the portable storage are retired shipping containers. They have gone extensive fixing to look like new. A container provider like Movable Container Storage has a good reputation and can guarantee that the containers underwent a special rust treatment to prevent and eliminate metal corrosion. All our portable storage containers are coated with the necessary amount of paint to protect them further.

It is important to get the right size of portable container for your needs. You don’t pay to rent the exterior of the container, you pay for the space inside the container. The more container space you use, the better. Keep in mind that an unused space in the rented container means that you paid for something that you did not use.

Choose the Container Provider you can Trust

Container providers are everywhere, but not all are trustworthy. It is good to hire the services of the company with a good reputation and has many years of service. It is important that the container provider, which you intend to hire, religiously follows a set or protocol regarding the proper care and maintenance of the metal containers.

Movable CubiclesThe portable containers can last for a long time if they continuously receive proper maintenance. The metal will remain as sturdy as the first day it was used. Metals don’t deteriorate as quickly as you think, although it needs to be checked every now and then for possible rust invasion. It is best to keep a strict schedule for checking every nook and cranny of each container.

When we notice the first signs of rust in any of our containers, we act immediately by performing the preventative procedures or measures that will keep the rust from advancing or spreading to other areas of the container. The immediate response against rust can save the portable storage containers and make them render more years of service than expected.

The History Of Cremation And Its Cultural Differences

Cremation is the practice of reducing a body’s remains into ashes and bones. Throughout the years, it has been implemented into religions and cultures of different countries. There has not been any solid information about where it first began, but the society’s perspective about it over the years has been constantly changing.

In the Past

In the archeological world, records of ritually cremated remains are rare. The first of its kind was the Mungo Lady. The Mungo Lady is known as such because this partly cremated body was found in Lake Mungo of New South Wales, Australia. And so, it was also called Lake Mungo 1 or LM1. LM1 is currently stored at Mungo National Park, where it is safely locked in a vault accessed only by few archeologists and personnel.

Cremating bodies was practiced among the early Phoenicians and Persians. The same can be said for Villanovan Culture in Europe. The practice was banned in many places over time and alternative ways to dispose of bodies like mummifying and burying became the common custom. The Egyptians hold their own practices of embalming and mummifying close to their culture and faith, never including the act of burning of corpses. However, there are still religions that allow this act. Some even mandate the practice because of their religious faith.

Different Religions and their Traditional Beliefs

It is a tradition in Hinduism to cremate the bodies of loved ones who passed away. The concept of reincarnation gave them a different perspective about death – a mere transition to the next existence in a different time and body. For Hindus, it is called antim-sanskara, a term that means “last rites”. Other Indian religions such as Jainism and Sikhism also mandate the process of cremating dead bodies.

CremationThe Balinese usually bury the body before cremating it. The buried body will decay until most fluids in it are absorbed, making it easier to cremate. Another reason for delaying the ceremony is to give time for the family to save up enough money for this expensive occasion. The ceremony can be done in a mass funeral prepared by the village or in a private funeral prepared exclusively for a single person.

Some of the spiritual beliefs are not always the same. Islam traditions do not allow cremation of bodies because they have their own ceremonies and rituals on how to bury the dead.

Catholics also do not approve of the practice. However, despite the disapproval, it has been accepted in some parts of the world.

In Judaism tradition, burying the body is a way to prove their faith. Any methods of preserving the body, like mummification or embalming is against their Jewish law.

Zoroastrianism bans both burial and cremation, according to their tradition. The bodies are exposed to the sun and scavenging birds, until only dry bones are left.

The Bahá’i Faith also does not permit such customs because it is believed that one must be buried when their death comes for it is dignified and honorable.

Cremation in the Modern Times

The process of cremating a body has changed in modern times. Instead of using open fire and wood, the process is conducted in closed heat-resistant chambers. It is essential to place the body in a combustible container, preferably out of wood. Then it is placed inside the chamber until all that remain are bones. The bones are shortly grinded and these “ashes” are given to the family.

The world is constantly changing, so are the ways of handling the dead. It goes without saying that despite the many differences in cultural practices, there is still at least one thing in common. The act of respecting and remembering loved ones even when their time has passed.

How Golf Balls are Made

There wouldn’t be golf without golf balls. Considering how these balls started off as feathers squeezed into animal skins, they are now made of rubber and are standardized as well. How these balls are made is a long process that includes analytical thinking and constant double checking of products.

Golf balls are a mass produced product and top companies such as Titleist and Callaway even have their own factories to produce said goods.

Rubber is what our current balls used in golf are made of. The process starts off with a bouncy rubber which is then mixed with other chemicals to make a hot batter. This batter is rolled like a pie crust and cooled between two huge steel drums. This is repeated until the end result is satisfactory to the person in charge. The rubbery sheets are then pushed into a machine called an intruder. When rammed inside the machine the rubber is spat out as large marshmallow shaped rubbers. This rubber, in that same process, is now dyed. The marshmallow shaped rubbers are placed on a conveyer belt that sends them into a compression mould machine.

Golf ballA worker waits for these rubber slugs and places them each in a mould. These slugs vary in color because it is dependent on the type of ball that is about to be produced. When the slugs are in place, the mould presses upward to apply over a ton of pressure. This is what they call a shape and bake system because while the balls are being shaped to a sphere they are cooked at 167 degrees Celsius. The process lasts for thirteen minutes which hardens it. After it is cooled down with water, another worker places a piece of slotted glass over the mould. This slotted glass allows the rubber balls to be vacuumed up without the other leftover trimmings. These leftovers though are taken to be recycled later. The core of the golf ball is now done.

Now that the cores of the balls are done, a robot picks up these balls and places them into another mould. This mould is focused on adding the dimples to the balls. This is done by adding melted plastic into a mould cavity while a ram presses on the core and out comes the outer layer of the balls. Emerging as the golf balls you are accustomed along with their dimples. This standard injection moulding system can generate over four dozen of these balls every minute. These almost finished balls are filtered into a bin and using a golf ball elevator they are brought over to the next process of cleaning the balls.

These balls have a slight leftover on them so they aren’t as smooth as a finished golf ball yet. An automatic miller removes this extra plastic. After the miller, a robotic arm will filter the balls again into a chute entry that serves as a quality checkpoint for each and every ball. An imperfect ball would not be able to fit into this hole that only allows smooth and uniform balls. The balls then go to a stamping station wherein they are stamped with their brand along with their model type and number.

After the stamping, the golf balls go through ultraviolet light to dry the ink in place. Some balls are filtered for custom printing. The next and last step is wherein the balls are sprayed with polyurethane by an automated machine while the ball rotates at a top spindle. The spray is meant to protect the ink logos in the balls. The balls are carried out to dry in a machine that cooks them at 66 degrees Celsius for five minutes then they’re done.

With such a long manufacturing process, this small white ball that gets hit around on the golf course deserves a salute.

How to Become a Good Real Estate Agent

Working as a garden city NY real estate agent can be very challenging. However, the demands of the job can help you realize how serious the business can be when you already know the ins and outs of the industry. There are several things you need to be aware of because these can help you build a successful career in this line of job.

This work involves constant communication and collaboration with people. Be it with brokers, property managers and clients, you need to keep their contact information for future use. That is why it is necessary that you keep a planner where you know how to organize the details and schedule appointments without missing out anybody important. When you keep a record of this, it will be easy to track down potential clients and make them your customers in the end.

Real EstateMake your clients feel valuable all the time. Selling a property does not only end there. You need to be sociable and establish a good professional relationship with your clients. In this way, they will be able to appreciate the efforts you have put in assisting them through their different needs. Establishing a personal relationship often leads to more favourable results in return.

It pays to be aware of existing laws and rules that can affect decisions made in property management. Updates about these are discussed during meetings crucial on how the business works. These are applicable not only on residential but most of all in commercial properties as well. Take it as a responsibility to always be updates on policies and other important information necessary to work in making this a successful venture for you. If you want to buy best real estate property then visit li-realestatefinder.

Gain as much exposure as possible and participate trainings from time to time to improve your skills. A good garden city NY real estate agent must be a total package. This involves great communication skills, well adapted to new technologies that can improve the way the system works for easier processes and the right attitude to enable you to connect with your clients in a favorable manner.

Know different strategies including helpful methods that can help you gain more success in this field. You can learn from experienced brokers and other real estate agents on some successful ways to keep up with an exciting opportunity for you to manage well your job from all aspects.

Take advantage of advertising opportunities that are helpful not only online but even in traditional forms. This can help manage your business in a way it leads you to more exposure and better opportunities for sales growth. When this is achieved, commissions are also possible making each process even better for you to understand. When you are able to perform these roles, you are most likely to achieve success being a good garden city NY real estate agent.

Top Reasons Why Customers Leave a Company according to Motivational Speakers

All entrepreneurs would agree that they won’t be in business without customers. Hence, they do everything to retain their current customers and gain more while they are in business. To avoid losing their income sources, many entrepreneurs consult motivational speakers to know why their clients leave their services and solutions to the problem.

Common reasons why customers prefer to depart from their current service providers are the following:

Competitors Got Their Attention

Customers always look for a company that gives their money’s value. However, majority of consumers prefer economical services or product rates to save money. Some lucky ones, however, leave their current service provider to move to a different company that offers cheap rates with better and more efficient services.

Companies offer their clients with various retention programs to keep them doing businesses with their companies. But fact is motivational speakers can educate companies about additional strategies for customer retention also you can get more idea from motivational-speaker-success. A usual practice is to know the competitors’ rates and product or service specifications. The company can tweak its services they offer to keep them from hemorrhaging customers.

Experiencing Low Quality Service or Products

Keynote speakerFirst-hand experience of receiving low quality services and products is the major turn off among customers. As individuals who pay for the service, they expect to receive what they’re paying for, especially for high profile clients like for those with premium account. They signed up for more costly services. Hence, they would rather go to another company to get their money’s value if they don’t get what they deserve from their current service providers.

In this case, the main solution is to enhance or improve the product and services. The question is how they can start enhancing their offers? Motivational speakers can shed light on what they’re doing right or wrong in their current services. They will know what factors to retain and to change. Additional strategies like communicating with clients about how they can improve or comparing their services with competitors’ are great tools that benefit the company.

Customer Service Perception

Several companies indeed offer outstanding services, which help them retain their customers for life. Nevertheless, some find themselves losing clients because of perception on their services. Some clients feel that they are not satisfied with the service despite its stellar profile.

Most of the time, clients have a basis why they felt dissatisfied with a product or service. Some business aspects like communication or presentation probably went wrong along the way, which results to dissatisfaction among customers.

Motivational speakers study and teach companies about why there are still dissatisfied customers even with their top caliber offers. Together with the company, these speakers or gurus will peruse over customer service documentations and standard operating procedures to pinpoint the cause of low satisfaction ratings. They’ll also take into consideration the differences between clients according to their profile to solve the issue and further enhance their services.

Leaving Without a Trace

According to studies, more than 90 percent of customers leave companies without complaints. This makes it tough for the company to pinpoint the cause. These reasons are often unknown, but an expert motivational speaker can also highlight several reasons why a client may leave. They gather data to see if the loss occurred in a certain time of the year and compare it with the market status. It’s probable that a new company offering similar services at cheaper prices emerged that caused clients to transfer service providers.

Numerous reasons can be used to prevent customers from leaving your company. Getting helpful points from motivational speakers will determine why your business is losing customers and improve your services or products for the best. Be sure to discuss your business profile and operation with an expert to retain loyal customers.

A is a site that is supposed to convince a person or a group of people that a better future is out there or that a better outcome can be achieved.

A Spotlight on Printed Circuit Boards

Human technology continues to grow at an exponential rate. Every few years, major innovations in technology   occur. Nevertheless, there are some innovations which continue to be relevant throughout all these years, and the invention of the printed circuit board is sure to be among them.

Basically, printed circuit boards connect the electrical components of most devices together, forming circuits. Due to this, they are similar in function to wires, which are also used in making electric circuits. Their main difference lies in the way they do their jobs. Wires take up too much space, use lots of resources, and become prone to short circuits as they age and their insulation degrades. Printed circuit boards, on the other hand, take up less space and are well protected against short circuits. They can cram many circuits into a tiny space. Since the amount of circuits in a device determines the capability of such a device to handle complex tasks, printed circuit boards are inherently superior when it comes to computing power.

Printed circuit boardsA printed circuit board consists of one or more layers of conductive material supported by an underlying substrate. Copper is abundant, electrically conductive, and corrosion resistant, which is why manufacturers frequently use it in creating printed circuit boards. The circuits are located on the conductive layer. To create the circuits, enough copper is stripped away during production, leaving narrow lines of copper on the surface of the bare substrate. These enable electrical signals to travel to the various components attached on the board.

 Another layer, called the soldermask, is present on many circuit boards. This gives the circuit boards their distinctively green color. This layer also protects the copper circuits from pieces of metal or other conductors which might otherwise form short circuits. An additional layer forms symbols or text on the surface of the circuit board, informing manufacturers about the different connections present on the board. This layer, termed the silkscreen layer, typically has a white color.

 The substrate, which forms the bulk of the printed circuit board, uses non-conducting materials, usually fiberglass or plastics, to form a physical barrier between adjacent copper circuits. Without them, short circuits would occur and damage the device. The substrate also mechanically supports the other parts of the circuit board. Furthermore, the substrate layer protects more delicate components from any shocks.

 The arrangement of the conductive and insulating layers on the circuit board, as well as the number of conducting layers present, determines its type. Roughly three types are available in the market. Circuit boards belonging to the first type are called single-layered boards and contain only one conductive layer. Since they are easier and cheaper to produce but contain fewer circuits, their usage is limited to simple, low-end electronics. Boards in the second type are dubbed double-layered boards and have two conductive layers. Although they are harder to produce, they can carry more circuits and handle more electrical components. They are the most common type of printed circuit board. All other circuit boards are aptly named multi-layered boards. Containing more than two conductive layers, these circuit boards are difficult to manufacture but have the greatest computing power.

For double-layered and multi-layered boards, holes plated with a ring of conductive material are used to connect circuits which belong on different conductive layers. This allows the creation of more complex circuits.

Other components are attached on the printed circuit board. These components, which may include resistors, capacitors, and integrated circuits, employ the network of copper lines on the circuit boards to supply themselves with electricity, modify the electric current, or send signals to other components.

Benefits of Using a Misting Fan

Many of us consider summer as the best season, and for good reasons. For one, we can spend more time outdoors doing all kinds of stuff such as spending an afternoon on your patio talking with friends and having barbecues. Oppositely, some people also consider summer as the worst season specifically when the temperature outside gets too hot for comfort.

mistGood thing there are misting fans that can cool us down even on outdoors and under the blazing sun. A misting fan is the better option than an electric fan because the latter only moves the hot air around the area. Misting fans are the combination of electric fans and air conditioners. The difference is the water element which helps our body cool down better.

Mist fans come in various types, styles and sizes. All misters have a tank or container that holds the water that is converted into minute droplets when it enters the nozzle. The nozzle will then let out the mists that helps cool down the users. The chilling effect is created this way as the ambient temperature immediately drops up to around 20 degrees Celsius.

While we may be more concern on how to keep our bodies and places cool, some of us may worry about the cost of cooling our premises. Our goal should be keeping the cooling costs more manageable be it residentially or commercially. This is where a misting fan can be more advantageous being a cost-efficient option.

outdoor-misting-fanMisting fans can be placed on strategic locations, so that everyone in the area will benefit from the cooling effect that the mister generates. So, you need not buy several units of misters. This is more so when you are living or operating in an area that encounters extreme temperature variances on a regular basis. There are portable misters which can be taken out of the household or the to the veranda or patio restaurant, for instance, and carried back inside after using them.

Even when you are using multiple misters, you need not worry about the cost. A misting fan’s cooling power utilize about one-third of energy required to operate an air conditioner. This leads to significant savings.

Misting fans are also eco-friendly because they can be easily installed and maintained. Your concern should be cleaning the container or tank, and that’s it. The best part is a misting fan contributes to the keeping the users healthy as it is capable of controlling unwanted dust, debris and odor. The nozzles also filter impurities in the water, so you only get in contact with uncontaminated mists.

Misting-Fan-largeThe price of a misting fan depends on various factors like its material, size, motor and misting system. If you are looking for a particular kind of a mister, you may simply look online and then compare the features and prices. In this way, you will discover the best deal for your budget. There are misting fans that are specifically designed for residential and commercial purposes. There are low, medium and high pressure misters, but for a residential use, a medium pressure mist fan is enough. Medium pressure misting fans are available for $500 or less with all the features you want.

Having your own mist fan is definitely an advantage since this means that you can enjoy the outdoors more and for longer than necessary, and at a fraction of the price. As such, there is no need to endure the summer days. Instead, you can enjoy the summer activities even when the temperature outside gets unbearable. Just get your mister and put anywhere you want outside the house to keep you cool throughout the day.