Adventures of a Stress Free Life in Men

healthy stress and stress free It’s a known fact that something to watch out for above cancer and heart disease is stress among men. Stress only worsens whatever problem it is that you are having and can bring up a host of other illnesses and lower your body’s immune system. Living a stress free life in today’s age can be really difficult as the demands of work life can at most times be quite straining.

But did you know there are quite a few ways to de-stress yourself that you can implement throughout the day which will de-stress you and leave you feeling more relaxed and knowing that you can achieve so much for at a great pace. So lets dive into it.

1. Create a Routine

Establishing a routine in your life for day to day things and for important aspects help you not to worry much about a particular aspect. For instance, say that when you are giving a practice presentation, you always recite the main points, harbor on the positive aspects before hand and then go for the kill. When it comes to performing the presentation in front of your boss, treat it like the practice session and remember your routine: recite main points in head, harbor on the positive aspects before hand and nail it. Okay, maybe that might not be the perfect example for some of you but the main point it: when you create a routine in your life, the stress of any work load no matter how big can be expelled by just following routine.

2. Ask Questions

When faced with a hard choice ask yourself questions; something like making a list of positive and negative aspects. Asking yourself questions that define what you are looking for in a particular thing or for a certain aspect will help you not to worry so much about whether this is right or wrong for you and confuse you, rather, you will be able to make a simple assumption based on the positive aspects of a situation.

3. Take a Break

Sometimes the best thing to do in a heated situation is taking a time out. A quick time out can release the stress and built up agitation in side you therefore making it less likely for you to explode upon the next instance you are faced with similar difficulties. For example: say your boss is giving you heat on a project that didn’t go down well, instead of letting your anger burst out, call of a time out and splash some water on your face, drink water whilst letting your anger out inside you. It’s said that anger and agitation don’t last long when they are played out in your head so do that. Implementing this will avoid a burst out later on and will take your boss by surprise when you react with a “so what can I do to make this right?” He will be more taken a back and will calm down.

And there you have 3 ways in which you can de-stress. Why live a stressful life when a few short ways to make you worry less are present? Be happy, enjoy life’s adventures and most of all be healthy. Stress can lead to many skin disorders like herpes breakouts to which you’ll need to use effective herpes protocols which review your situation and bring it under control.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this. Go here for more stress free and healthy solutions

How Being Happy Keeps You Healthy

Happy AdventuresEveryone can agree that there are just too many things to worry about and stress over. whether it’s that you new a new car or replacement on your car, paying the rent and bills, picking the kids from school, keeping the house clean, not to mention your job worries and keeping your partner happy. There is just so much to stress about that sometimes you either feel like giving up, don’t think of your problems or just don’t seem to be happy about life.

However, it really doesn’t have to be this way. You see, even the most happiest people alive face the same problems you do, they just process it all differently. Either they forced themselves to do so till it became a part of their character or they were just naturally happy go lucky. Regardless of your state and how depressed about certain aspects of your life you can change things around.

Have you heard the common term: peace of mind? Well, health and happiness is all observed in the mind, whatever your mind thinks, that mostly how you’ll feel: duh!

So lets show you different steps you can take today and observe to make your life happier and intern keep you healthly stress free.

1. termed this: Eat, Pray, Love

Connecting with your family on a daily basis can create a positive vibe and atmosphere in and around your life. If you don’t already, make time to cook a lovely meal for your family at least once a week but most importantly, everyone sit at the table together and enjoy your meal. I know the common routine might be watching your favorite sports program or series but hey, we’re talking health and happiness here. The routine of eating with your family is also – as well all know – a big booster for children as it can help them eat well, lower stress and depression for them as well and unite the family.

2. Don’t fight about money

It’s said that one of the biggest fights and problems couples have is about money. Here are a few ways this can be resolved.

a) Don’t keep secrets regarding where and what you’ve spent on. Disclosure is important.

b) Make goals together (house, car tv etc.)

c) Set funds aside for each person. Couples should have money to spend on themselves.

d) Make a game out of it. Search for the best deals and sales to buy that thing you always wanted to have together. There are plenty of places to search for online.

e) If you just aren’t good at managing your funds then do your relationship and self a favor buy getting help. A woman loves an honest man who can be honest about himself as well. Be proud to be honest and search for a solution to those problems. Heck, I have a problem managing my money as well. Get help guys, it will only do you good and save you money.

Other Quick Tips:

Stay happy in your marriage buy rediscovering your marital bliss. Put the romance back into your life by doing romantic gestures like a special candle lit dinner, going out just the two of you and other romantic ideas.

Don’t get on each others cases for the small stuff. Relax, you both do little things to upset one another and every couple has those same issues. The fact is: you aren’t the exact same people! Deal with it or talk about it openly and in a friendly suggestive and loving way.

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Why Is Breakfast Important

It’s Important to Have a Good Start

healhty breakfast foods

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That day when you have to rush our for work In the morning and don’t eat anything because you feel time is of the essence, think about this: missing out on a solid healthy breakfast can lead to you ending up over eating your lunch, causing you to feel tired and lazy during working hours. However, a good healthy breakfast will set you up for an energized start to your day and keep your stomach satisfied. This will help you remain focused and making the right decisions through out the day.

We suggest you tailor make your breakfast to include healthy carbs, lots of fiber and don’t forget protein. This is great because it leaves you with plenty of options to choose from if you want to have a healthy and hearty breakfast. Let’s dive into some of those breakfast options here.

The Oatmeal Breakfast

Something quick, easy and really healthy is Oatmeal. When you buy oatmeal from the store you’ll notice a red heart shape on it. This shape indicates that this box of oats contain beta-glucan, which is a particular fiber that’s been known to lower cholesterol levels when you eaten often. Another reason why Oats is a great option is because it also contains large quantities of omega-3 fatty acids, folate including potassium.

Whether you’ve got stell-cut oats (healthy option with only 15 minutes to cook) or any other variety of oats you’re eating healthy and starting your day out right. Just make sure to avoid any flavored oats as most include sugar which is extremely unhealthy. Instead, sweeten your regular oats with a bit if honey and of course add some sweet fruits and voila! You are good to go.

Start your day right and you’ll make progress through out. Have a medium sized lunch and light dinner balancing your diet as you go and you’ll stay healthy and active.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas by Tesse Christine